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As a rule of thumb there’s an absence of a “best” birth control online pills. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and the best one for you will be based on your general health, age and your lifestyle. The most effective method is to learn about the various kinds of contraceptives, their advantages, and talking to a physician who will assist you in finding the best contraceptive pill to suit your needs.

It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to take the same medication for a long time. If you begin using a specific medication and are experiencing discomfort from any adverse side effects, or like to switch to a medication that offers different advantages, you may do this with the guidance of your physician.

Start a birth control pills online consultation

Our contraceptive consultation services our doctors can determine if you’re taking the right contraceptive for your needs. You don’t have to see your GP in person. We’ll deliver the pills right to your doorstep.

If you’re taking your contraceptive regimen for the first time, aren’t satisfied with your current contraceptive or searching for a contraceptive that will help you more than just protect yourself from getting pregnant, a consultation is the quickest and safest method to do this.

Begin a consultation and we’ll help you understand the various types of contraceptives, discuss their advantages, and then ask you some questions regarding your contraceptive and health needs. Our medical professionals will analyze your data to supply you with the best contraceptive for your needs.

For only $5 for a single purchase, you can make an informed choice about your viagra tablet online with the guidance of a GMC-registered physician. It’s quick, easy and doesn’t require you to make an appointment or go out of your home to pick up your Pills 

You can also book an appointment by phone to one of our physicians directly prior to receiving your prescription.

What kinds of contraceptives are available?

There are two major kinds of contraceptives which are the combined pill as well as mini pill. tiny pill. Both pills are more than 99 percent efficient in stopping pregnancy however they differ in their composition and the people they’re appropriate for.

Certain contraceptives can improve your health more than just preventing pregnancy and these advantages will help you determine which pill is best for you. Certain pills can ease difficult or painful periods and others can help ease the signs of acne or PMS.

The mini pills online

Mini pills (progesterone only-pill, also known as “POP”) does not contain oestrogen, and it only contains progesterone, the hormone. This is why we typically recommend it for women who cannot take Oestrogen due to personal or health reasons. Oestrogen may also impact the blood pressure of a person, so this pill is an ideal choice for those with excessive blood pressure smoking (especially those who are over 35) or any person with a family experience of bleeding blood.

Advantages of the Mini Pill

  • It’s not made up of oestrogen therefore it’s suitable for women who can’t consume estrogen (such breastfeeding mothers or those who have hypertension)
  • It’s more secure for smokers who are older than 35 years old.
  • It may help alleviate PMS symptoms, as well as heavy or painful periods.

Disa Advantages from the Mini Pill

  • In some mini pills offer a shorter period of time you are able to take the pill each day to guarantee efficiency
  • It could cause temporary adverse effects for a few months, like discomfort in the breast, headaches as well as spots and weight changes.
  • Your period may change or cease completely while you’re taking the pill. It is also common for POP
  • The absence of the pill, vomiting, or having severe diarrhoea following taking the medication can cause it to be less effective
  • Treatments for HIV epilepsy, AIDS and TB and St. John’s Wort can cause the pill to be less effective
  • Doesn’t improve acne.
The combination pill

The pill, also known as “the pill,” in the way it’s commonly known, contains two synthetic forms of hormones, progestogen and the hormone oestrogen that are produced in your body naturally.

The majority of combined pills have the equal amount of hormones within every pill, providing the same amount of oestrogen and progesterone each day. They are referred to as monophasic pills.

Certain combination pills are referred to in the field of “phasic” pills. They contain different levels of hormones each week, that mimic the natural fluctuations in hormone levels during your period. For certain women, this could result in less or less threatening adverse effects, but they can be a bit more difficult to utilize than monophasic drugs.

Advantages of the Combined pills online

  • It may make your periods less painful, more frequent and less painful.
  • It can help relieve PMS symptoms.
  • Certain brands may help to treat acne. Certain brands can help with
  • Research has shown that it lowers the risk of developing ovarian, colorectal, and uterine cancer
  • It can help with problems that are that are caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Disadvantages of the Combined Pill

  • The side effects of headaches or nausea, mood changes and tenderness of the breasts are not uncommon in the first few months after taking it.
  • It increases the risk of developing breast and cervical cancer.
  • Users have reported that it can to be a cause of depression, but there is no evidence of an official connection identified.
  • It may increase the chances of developing Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and other blood clots.
  • The absence of pills, vomiting or having severe diarrhoea following using the pill could reduce its effectiveness.
  • It’s not a good idea for you if you smoke (especially in the case of people who are older than the age of 35) especially if you there is a family background of cancers, heart problems or are overweight.
  • The use of medications to treat HIV epilepsy, AIDS and TB and St. John’s Wort can cause the pill to be less effective



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